ΓΡΑΜΜΑ/GRAMMA: Περιοδικό Θεωρίας και Κριτικής, τεύχος 14

Περιεχόμενα Introduction, Sean Homer, Ruth Parkin-Gounelas and Yannis Stavrakakis The Object of Philosophy Hegel and the Object, Or, the Idea’s Constipation, Slavoj Zizek Towards a Phenomenology of Objects: Husserl and the Life-World, Peter R. Costello The Object of Psychoanalysis - Subjectivity and Culture Illustrating the Freudian and Lacanian Object of Drive with Zola’s Therese Raquin, Dave Lewis Choang-tsu's Butterfly: Objects and the Subjective Function of Fantasy, Calum Neill The Object as Agent of Mentalization, Themistoklis Katrios Objects of Consumption, Causes of Desire: Consumerism and Advertising in Societies of Commanded Enjoyment, Yannis Stavrakakis The Object of Art 1 - Literature Surfaciality: Some Poems by Fernando Pessoa, one by Wallace Stevens, and the Brief Sketch of a Poetic Ontology, Simon Critchley Antigone’s Letter, Jina Politi The Insistence of the Object - and its Sublimations, Ruth Parkin-Gounelas The Object of Art 2 - Film and Painting The Object-Gaze: Shame, Hejab, Cinema, Joan Copjec “The Roma do not Exist”: The Roma as an Object of Cinematic Representation and the Question of Authenticity, Sean Homer Filming the Dutch Still Life: Peter Greenaway’s Objects, Sylvia Karastathi Cloud Studies: The Visible Invisible, Mary Jacobus Review Essays On the Social Life of Objects, Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou The Sublime Object of Slavoj Zizek, Sean Homer Book Reviews The Lure of the Object (edited by Stephen Melville) , Reviewed by David Teh The Poetics of Psychoanalysis: In the Wake of Klein (by Mary Jacobus), Reviewed by Beci Carver